Monday, June 27, 2011

What Kind OF SExy Lingerie Men Like

Men want women to wear what kind of sexy lingerie? Red? Yellowr? Or other?

Red: excitement

He loved the color of sexy lingerie, that his very love of sensual stimulation in selective partner, usually preferred to full type, that this body will bring irritating, he's new and exciting sexual preferences, and very concerned about each other's sexual response, in addition to meet their own and I hope to meet each other.

Yellow: Action with

Sexy lingerie, such as his favorite yellow, red underwear with favorite sexual attitudes are very similar. In sexual behavior, are very sensual desire for pleasure, but like the yellow underwear, you do not pay attention to the other side is full type. As long as a physical contact with women, or see the yellow underwear, may lead to sexual impulses, but it does not mean he is a womanizer.

Black: romantic love

Black men like sexy lingerie, often revel in the sexual fantasies, the black representative of the romantic mystery. Black underwear, there is a compelling dignified, noble and wonderful and sexy uniform. Light and shadow on the black color will make fascinating. His physical demands do not need too much, but like to indulge in sexual fantasies.

White: conservative values

White sexy underwear, revealing youthful and bright, is clean, straightforward and color. If he likes you to wear white underwear, that he has a strong possessive of you, like with certain types of collections in general, more conservative sexual attitudes. He looks like pure girl, and a bit over the top of the tendency, both in spirit and physical demands are so. Whether you wear any clothes, as long as white, not too sexy also caused his impulses.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Intenzioni 2010 Sexy Lingerie Use of Butterfly's Design

Intenzioni2010 spring and summer of sexy lingerie, the use of the butterfly's "posture" as the main design elements, let us smell filled the air Butterfly in a sexy feminine atmosphere. Black chiffon like most of the butterfly's wings, a butterfly bandage to link several together, as if the specter of the night, the brilliant stream overflow extremely attractive sexy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Little Minx, Less Money but More Sexy

Don't judge a book from its cover. But judge a man from its underwear. It is not what's inside that counts but what's under our outfits that counts!
To pick up someone that can truelly comfort you, fully understand your style, fit your body and lift up your mood, but most importantly, not break your heart and bank.
Little Minx is one of your Mr. Rights. Targeting at 18 to 35-year-old fashionistas, Little Minx offers an affordable price so that you can change your lingerie every day, not just your underwear.Little Minx's collection is cheeky, fun, chic and sexy.

Summer 09 Collection…The Little Minx girl sees that the world is changing and she has become a dreamer. She reminisces of when she was a child, reading stories, playing dress ups, and hide and seek in her secret garden.

Hopeless Hotel Drives Inspiration from Alice Wonderland

Have you ever dreamed that you could become another Alice to adventure in Wonderland?

Hopeless Hotel, an Australia lingerie label, drives inspiration from the Alice Wonderland in designing its lingerie. Flowers, petals and butterflies in Wonderland have perfectly translated into the shapes of each piece. The hue of this collection is pretty pink, saucy red and sexy black which reflects the fascinating color in the wonderland. Cute cheeky ruffles, pretty little ribbons and naughty bowknots outshine the little lingerie.

Axami 2010 Apring and Summer Sexy Lingerie: French Romantic Trend

Axami 2010 spring and summer sexy lingerie, brought a wave of French romance. In style, with elaborate embroidery, a three-dimensional flowers, hand-woven materials are also ... ... very sexy lingerie mature emitting bursts of flavor. Also stressed its unique functionality, in a prominent fashion, passion and bold while also focusing on its comfort.

Curvy Kate SS12


For SS12, fuller bust brand Curvy Kate brings the collection to life with bright, fun tones. Coral, violet, pink and sailor blue bring a summery feel to the range, while creams and ivories add an elegance finish to the brand's Showgirl collection.

New styles include the smooth everyday Daily Boost bra, which has foam-lined cups for a rounded shape and great lift. Available in black, white and nude with simple contrasting detail, the brand is confident that this will be a best-seller.

Also new is the Daisy bra in the Showgirl collection, in vivid violet and pretty coral with cut-out detailing.

Preview Curvy Kate's first swimwear collection here.


D-K cup

28-44 back, 8-24 briefs and thong

Suspender Belt 8-18

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Myla 2011 Spring And Summer Sexy Lingerie: Snow Spots And Fine Hair

Myla's this group of sexy lingerie, sexy with the perfect combination of fashion and cute, full of sexy lingerie for special Myla 2011 spring and summer. Snow spots, fine hair, pretty bows and round sequins and other revealing the seductive but full of lovely decor with is Myla 2011 the main embellishment sexy lingerie spring and summer approach, extremely sexy, but sophisticated cute.